Internal Structures For Cake Toppers

August 30, 2016


Can you guess what I’m up to this week? I have a few cakes in the up coming weeks that have fondant toppers. My time is a little limited right now so I’m just trying to get a head start.

Almost every cake topper I make has some sort of internal structure. Anywhere from a toothpick or wooden skewer to a lollipop stick with wires. Fondant settles and if it’s too heavy without support, it will droop and get wrinkles.

For the cake toppers above I will be using a 50/50 mix of fondant and modeling chocolate. This mixture gives me more time to model and smooth out, without wrinkles and tears.

I’ll keep you posted on my new cakes in a couple of weeks.


Birthday Cakes Throughout The Years…

August 17, 2016

For this post I thought I would share my kid’s birthday cakes from the last 9 years. I actually started cake decorating six months after my son was born in 2007. Wow, time really goes fast! I still love the art of cake decorating and I’m so blessed to be able to do it.

Katch’s cakes….


My son’s 9th Birthday – Rollercoaster theme (Cedar Point in Ohio)


8th Birthday – Whale shark under the sea theme


7th Birthday – Beyblades theme

skylanders cake

6th Birthday – Skylanders Giants theme

power ranger cake

5th Birthday – Power Rangers Super Samurai theme


Angry Birds Cake – 4th Birthday

4th Birthay –  Angry Birds theme


Madagascar Cake – 3rd birthday

3rd Birthday – Madagascar Movie theme

2nd birthday cake

2nd Birthday – Random cars theme

froggy cake

Froggy 1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday – Froggy theme (From the Froggy Books – our favorite!!)

Portlin’s cakes…


3rd Birthday – Princess theme


2nd Birthday – Doc McStuffins theme


1st Birthday – “No more monkies jumping on the bed!” theme


Princess Castle Cake – 3rd Birthday

August 2, 2016


Yesterday our family and friends celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday. We had a giant royal birthday party with a castle bouncer, a tea party, pin the nose on Olaf, under the sea digging pool, pink pony races and even sword training.

This year for my daughter’s party and cake, she wanted something to do with princesses, flowers and the color pink.  I thought a castle of her very own would be perfect…and it was.


Above is Princess Portlin and her pink pony, Snoopy. We tell stories every night before she goes to bed and most of the stories are about adventures with Portlin and her pony.


The towers of the castle, also called turrets, are made of styrofoam rods (I got these at Joann’s) and ice cream cones. I covered each rod in fondant and let it dry overnight. The roof of the towers were made of sugar cones. I cut out individual circles and layered them from bottom up. The little fondant circles are perfect shingles for the turrets. I attached the cones to the rods with royal icing.


The bottom cake was a 7 inch vanilla cake that was colored pink inside. The top cake that the turrets are on was a 6 inch styrofoam dummy cake.  We didn’t have many kids to feed so I made the smaller cake.

I tried to put the decorations in groups of three or spelling out 3. (flags, towers, roses, #3 in window) I love doing little details like this to see if people really notice. My husband noticed right away! Anyway, I love making cakes for my kiddos and I’m so blessed to have them.



Fondant Roller Coaster Cake

July 18, 2016


My son had his 9th birthday party this weekend and his theme for the cake was CEDAR POINT ROLLER COASTERS!

We recently went on a family vacation to CEDAR POINT in Sandusky, Ohio. Last year I would have never guessed that we would be vacationing in Ohio. Now that we live in the midwest, we’re trying to explore around us and take in the beautiful areas this part of the county has to offer. By the way, CEDAR POINT was awesome! The roller coasters are amazing, not to mention World Record setting. The first day of our vacation we walked over 7 1/2 miles and hit up some pretty thrilling rides. Even our 2 year old had rides to enjoy.


The cake that I made for my son had colors, rides, shops and busyness like the actual theme park. We were on sensory overload on our trip and that is how this cake is…a lot going on.


My son’s favorite sport now is lacrosse. We go and watch Notre Dame lacrosse games and once again, I would have never guessed that we would be watching and loving lacrosse.


This is my son riding a modified “Gatekeeper” roller coaster with his hand in the air, just like he did on vacation. The bird on the front of the coaster was sculpted out of yellow fondant and painted with gold luster dust. The roller coaster car and inclined tracks were made of Rice Krispies Treats and covered in fondant.


The decor around the bottom of the cake were rides and shops resembling my son’s favorite things in the park, like THE VALRAVN! This was the coaster that set world records for fastest, tallest and longest ride in the world. My poor husband had to ride this one…too steep for me!

We’re so blessed to have such a wonderful boy and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me next year. I hope you enjoyed Katch’s 9th birthday cake!


Graduation Cake With Purdue Theme

June 26, 2016


It’s a little past graduation time but this week I made a cake for someone who graduated high school and is attending Purdue in the fall.  The colors of the high school and Purdue are both black, gold and white. This made it easy for the cake color palette and design.


Early in the week I cutout the Purdue logo to dry and painted it gold a few days later. I also made the diploma and grad cap at the beginning of the week. I had two fondant graduation cap squares cut out and drying when I remembered the last time I made a grad cap, the square top sagged. I even dried the square for a whole week but it just wasn’t stable. This time, I got rid of the fondant squares and cut out a cardboard square and covered it in fondant. The base of the cap was made of Rice Krispies Treats sculpted into a half ball and covered in black fondant.


The stripes, logo and tassel were hand painted with gold luster dust and vodka. Painting fondant with gold or silver luster dust is harder than it looks. Each time I paint fondant with these dusts, it’s streaky and patchy in places. I really need to figure out how to make this part of cake decorating easier and better quality.

I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for checking out my blog!


Sculpted Tree With Cute Fondant Owl Family

June 13, 2016


Last week I was on vacation and very busy making this cake. I was so excited because this was my first sculpted cake that had an internal structure made of PVC pipes. I have always wanted to make a cake with structure but I have been a little intimidated and not quite sure how to do it.

For my birthday last year, my husband bought me the best cake decorating book in the world. It was written by Liz Marek and is called Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating. There are so many neat things I have learned in this book and I’m so thankful to Liz for sharing all the helpful tips in cake decorating. My tree was put together just like Liz’s tree in the book but I added other details and decorations to make it more like my style.


I titled the cake “The Byrd Family.” The two owls in the nest are my parents and the three little eggs are me and my two brothers. My parents initials are etched into the tree trunk as well. Even though our family isn’t the same anymore, I love to make things that represent our family as a whole.


The nest was covered in lots of tiny fondant strips that looked like dry grass, leaves, etc. The nest is the only part of the tree that would be cake. The rest of the cake as a whole is RKT.


The “bark” of the tree was made of 50/50 modeling chocolate and fondant. The tree is made of RKT and covered in the 50/50. I used my Wilton tool to score the fondant and make all the wonderful lines of bark.


I hope you like the cake and don’t forget to check out Liz Marek’s book.


50’s Soda Shop Cake – 65th Birthday

May 22, 2016


This weekend I did my first ever surprise party! My mother-in-law turned 65 yesterday and we had a 50’s soda shop party to celebrate her special day.  We dressed up in 50’s clothes and had a party with record decorations, glass bottle coca colas, good music and much more.


I decided to make a jukebox and records as the focal points of the cake. We didn’t have that many people to feed so I just used a dummy cake as the bottom tier of the cake. The top tier was a 7 inch vanilla cake, iced and filled with vanilla buttercream.  I had a couple of weeks to work on the bottom tier and all the decorations. When I could find time, I would hurry and make all the cute 50’s stuff for the cake.


The kids and I painted a jukebox and milkshake out of an old tv moving box. I drew it out with pencil and they painted it. When it dried, I outlined everything in black to finish it off. We hung records and paper music notes on the fence and had checkerboard table clothes on the tables. I found Grandma’s old yearbooks and photo albums for everyone to look through.

We actually had a record player with all of grandma’s favorite records playing all afternoon.


I used lots of old records for the decorations. I made dessert stands by gluing records and milkshake glasses together. I also glued together six records and put Grandma’s pictures in them for a photo cluster decoration.


Above is the cluster of records with photos glued to them.


This is the day after the party and we were cleaning up all our hard work. The kids are holding the fondant milkshake and jukebox before they got eaten.


This was a really fun cake to make because it was for someone very special to us. What a great way to celebrate a 65th birthday!


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