Oscar Cake for Red Carpet Theme

March 28, 2019


Two weeks ago I traveled to California and entered the San Diego Cake Show in Del Mar, CA. It was so fun and I can’t wait to go again in the future.  Above is the cake I entered in the adult tiered category. The theme of the show was “Red Carpet Cakes.” There were so many beautiful cakes and sugar art, I was in heaven.

My cake had an OSCAR theme that focused on the gold statue that movie stars and movie industry people strive for.  I wanted to tell a story on each tier that showed aspects of the famous Academy Awards. From walking the red carpet to watching the show and receiving the award.


The backside of the cake also told a story of behind the scenes of the award ceremony.


My “Oscar” was made up of objects from movies that have won the award. There are 19 hand sculpted objects that make up the shape of the award. All the way from Titanic (the ship) to Coco (the guitar). The fondant was painted with gold airbrush color and dusted with gold metallic dust.


Can you figure out what movies are represented on the Oscar?


The statues on the front side of the cake are also little Oscars that are covered in roses and foliage. The 2019 Oscars did have rose covered statues and also the backdrop on the red carpet had the triangle tiles like the ones on the bottom tier of the cake.

The middle tier was first airbrushed in a fading blue and purple to give it a “night sky” look.  I cut out black fondant silhouettes for the audience and layered them to look like theater seating.


The two mice that are peeking out from under the sage curtain are representing my kids. I also made a “Makeup” mirror and below it, the storage room for props.


What a show! The San Diego Cake Club did an amazing job. The convention, vendors, classes, demos and giveaways were so well organized!  I look forward to going again!!!


Unicorn Birthday Cake

March 11, 2019


Last weekend I made my first unicorn cake. One of my daughter’s best friends had her 5th birthday and her theme was UNICORNS!!  This was a pretty simple cake to make. All you need for fondant decorations were a horn, ears and eyes. The rest was just piped on buttercream rosettes for the mane.


The rosettes were made from three different colored buttercream piping bags with different types of piping tips.  The cake was a 7 inch vanilla, iced and filled with vanilla buttercream.  I hope you liked my sweet and simple unicorn!


Mermaid Texture Birthday Cake

March 11, 2019


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake for one of my best friends in the whole world! At first I really didn’t know what theme I wanted to go with for her surprise cake. My daughter and I bought my friend a mermaid cup that said something like, “bring me to the water.” Right then we decided to do a mermaid theme.

The cake was an 8 inch chocolate cake with chocolate filling. I covered the cake in vanilla buttercream and topped that with individually cut fondant circles for the “scales.” I rolled out five different colors of fondant and cut out lots and lots of circles of each color. I started the layering at the bottom and made my way up to the top.


I don’t have any seashell molds so I shaped all  my toppers by hand. I really need to invest in a mold, just to save time. The cake was also topped with edible “sand” that was made from graham crackers and sugar.


This cake was a little time consuming so if you are going to make a cake like this one, give yourself extra time to make the scales. Have a great week!


Fondant Lego Brick Cake

January 24, 2019


A couple of weeks ago I got to play with and eat legos…edible lego bricks that is!  My little friend Easton was turning 7 and he wanted a cake that looked just like a lego. I asked him if he wanted anything else on the cake and he said “no.” Well, I couldn’t just give him a naked lego cake! So, I made smaller fondant bricks for kids to eat, a cool name plate with lego font and a cool #7 that had the “lego texture” on it.

The birthday boy asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate filling. I baked a half sheet cake and cut it in half to stack like a brick. It was the perfect size for my lego cake.


I also decided to make a little “lego Easton” for the cake topper. He kind of resembled Emmett from the Lego movie. Easton is a happy kid and I wanted “lego Easton” to be just as happy. I also put a candle in his hand to make the topper interactive. My favorite part of the cake were the details of the lego logo on each stud. I found out that those things that make the lego lock into the other legos are called studs. And the connecting part is called a tube…random information. Anyway, it’s all in the details.


Don’t you just love legos!


The Big Green Egg Cake

November 6, 2018


Last week my husband had his 39th birthday.  To celebrate he smoked some delicious pork meat in his new favorite toy, The Big Green Egg. Let’s just say since he bought his smoker we have had BBQ for last month and it is GOOD! We’ve smoked everything from pork to ribs to jalapeño poppers. I thought the perfect cake for him this year would be a replica Big Green Egg.


Here he is with both Green Eggs….one made of cake and one ceramic smoker. We just had a small party and only needed to feed between 7-10 people. This cake could have fed an army and we’ll be eating it for days.


My husband loves cinnamon roll cake with cream cheese frosting and my kids love good old vanilla cake. I decided to make two separate cakes and stack them.  I baked 6 total layers and used a sharp serrated knife to carve the egg shape. I also used cake clay (mashed up cake scraps and frosting) to dome the top of the cake.  The cake was pretty tall so I used a PVC pipe for the internal structure. It measured out to 14 inches tall and about 8 inches wide around the middle section.

The fondant details were made of rice cereal treats and then covered in fondant. I love little details that make the cake personal. The smoke from the smoker was shaped into the number 39 and cakebase read my husband’s new nickname, given to him by himself…Pitmaster.  Thanks for checking out my bbq smoker cake!




Fondant Book Birthday Cake

September 30, 2018


This week I made a birthday cake for my son’s teacher. I decided to make an open book because the teacher loves to read. I also found out that she really likes the color yellow.  With those two facts, I created the book cake with fondant flowers on a wooden board. The class also wrote cute notes for their teacher on 25 colored circles that resembled balloons. The balloon notes were placed on skewers and put into a big bunch of yellow daisies. I wanted to tie this into the cake design so I added colored fondant circles to the book cake to make them look like a bunch of balloons. I also imprinted “Happy Birthday” on the fondant balloons with my clay impression letters.


I started with a half sheet vanilla cake and carved it into the shape of an open book. I gave it a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream and covered the whole thing in ivory fondant. I used a ruler to make lines on the sides of the cake to resemble pages.  Brown luster dust was brushed on the sides of the “pages” to give them dimension. I should have used more of the dust to really get into each line for better detail. The top pages on the book were separate fondant squares placed on top to mimic real pages that were curled at the edges.


The apple was made of rice cereal treats and covered in two layers of fondant. The cereal treats were extra bumpy so I needed double coverage of fondant for a smooth apple. The bookworm was fondant on a spaghetti noodle.


I hand painted the writing on the pages with a charcoal luster dust and lemon extract. Overall it was a cute cake but could have been better with more definition in the pages.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


Fondant Pokemon Ball Cake

September 18, 2018


One of my favorite things about cake decorating is being able to personalize each cake that I create. I love getting all kinds of information about the birthday boy or girl to make their cake special and one of a kind. This cake is for awesome little boy who we love and is a friend of our family. I picked his brain one day about all the things he loves and the things that represent him. And here it is…


The birthday boy loves Pokemon and is turning 9. He said that lightening bolts are his thing and to put a couple of those on the cake. He really does have a shirt with lightening bolts on it too! He started his own sweeping business and I decided to put a little broom on there to represent that. He loves music (Toby Mac) and playing his keyboard. He also just got appointed to the safety patrol team at school…that’s what the lime green vest is for.


The Pokemon ball was actually made of rice cereal treats and formed into a ball with the Wilton Ball pan. I covered the rice cereal treats in chocolate melts and covered that in fondant. Normally I would make the ball out of cake but this time it needed to be rice cereal treats.


I asked my kids what they thought about the fondant figurine of their good friend and they said he looked too excited or scared. I went ahead and changed his eyes and now I think he looks like totally different kid. It’s crazy how just by changing the iris and pupil placement in the eye changed his whole face. The birthday boy also has the best dimples ever…


Thanks for checking out my blog!