Tangled Rapunzel Tower Cake

July 21, 2017

Rapunzel, let down your hair….


My daughter turns 4 in a couple of days and the theme for her early party was from the movie Tangled.  Just like every year, I sat down with my little one and sketched out her cake for the big party. The famous tower was the winner for the cake design.


This year we celebrated Portlin’s birthday at Grandma’s house. I had to make the cake early and transport it across the country as carry on luggage. The cake was made in two separate pieces and put together before the party. The tower cake was basically a display cake so I made cupcakes for everyone to eat. I made 24 cupcake toppers that all had to do with the movie.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of them! The toppers: pascal face, lanterns, paint and brush, braid, satchel with crown, #4, Rapunzel face, sun symbol.


The cake was made up of PVC pipes and Rice Krispies treats. I made the top of the tower so that it  was placed securely in the pvc of the tower base. I covered it all in fondant and let it dry for two weeks before we traveled. There were minor cracks and smashed shingles but overall it made it safely.


The fondant that I used for the shingles was very soft so I needed extra support from the toothpicks to keep the shingles from drooping. I left the toothpicks in for 3 days to really harden up.


This is the birthday girl the day after the party….eating fondant off the cake.


The ivy on the tower and the grass on the base was made of royal icing. I used my grass tip and piped messy ivy throughout the cake. I made tiny flowers with my plunger cutters a week before I did the ivy. I had my daughter put all the flowers on the royal icing before it dried. I wanted to let her help on her very own cake, she loved it!


Here she is blowing out her four candles in her cupcake.  I ment to take photos of all the decorations that the kids and I created for the party. I made little frying pan plates for the cupcakes and tissue garland for the cake table.


Each little girl got a yarn Rapunzel braid to wear at the party. My mom and I created these great braids and they seriously weren’t hard to make….a little time consuming, but fun. We also made paper lanterns attached to yarn, purple flags, banners and WANTED posters. We also played a couple of games that the kids really loved: pin the frying pan on Flynn Riders nose, limbo, Tangled trivia, and a Tangled scavenger hunt. Overall it was a great party and our little one had the “best day ever!”




My First Drip Cake

June 6, 2017


Last week I had the pleasure of making a cake for a great girl and her friend on their graduation. Drip cakes are so popular right now, so when coming up with ideas for the cake we decided to incorporate the drip technique with graduation decor.  The school colors I need to use were light blue, white and black. The cake had a lot of blue on it so I decided to throw in a little color with the pink flowers, meringue cookie drops and little yellow tennis balls. The graduates play tennis so I wanted to put something to do with the sport somewhere in the cake decor. I formed yellow fondant balls and used a bone tool to make the seam pattern on the ball. It’s pretty subtle but cute.


For this cake I had to gather all my sprinkles, colored sugars and chocolate. I made white chocolate bark with a marbled technique and also added candy balls and sprinkles to the bark. It was my first time making bark and also my first time making meringue cookies. I looked at so many meringue recipes and they’re all different. I picked a recipe and my first batch turned out ok but my second batch was disaster. At lease I had a couple of cookies to chose from.


I also used the buttercream watercolor technique for the base color of each cake. I iced the cakes in white buttercream and then put them into the fridge to chill. Fifteen minutes later, I put dabs of blue buttercream on the cake and used my scraper to spread the blue throughout the cakes. Here’s a link to the tutorial I followed:



Star Wars Cake – 10th Birthday

May 30, 2017

Last week we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday…2 months early.  We wanted to have his birthday party with all of his friends before everyone left for the summer. It was such a fun party and I know all the boys and Katch’s little sister loved it! The theme this year was all about Star Wars. Like I’ve said in the past, it’s so neat to see my kids change and evolve into these little people that love different things every year. Last year it was all about ROLLER COASTERS and this year with the video game Star Wars Battlefront and the movie Rogue One, my son was hooked on Star Wars! I asked him to sketch out ideas for cakes for his big birthday and the main thing he wanted was two lightsabers crossing on the front of the cake. So we came up with this…


I must admit, it was hard picking decorations to go on the cake because there are so many iconic things that represent Star Wars.  My son definitely wanted a DeathStar and an AT-AT Walker. We also wanted to represent different planets and worlds on our cake. On the base of the cake, I created a wooded forest to represent Endor where the Ewok live, the desert of Tatooine with a Sarlacc creature and the cold snowy planet of Hoth.


The DeathStar was actually a styrofoam ball that I bought at Joann’s with my 40% off coupon. I covered it in gray fondant and was able to work on this when I had a spare moment during the day.  R2-D2 and BB-8 were made from rice krispies treats and cover in fondant.


We also decided to put the most famous saying on the front of the cake in white, “May the force be with you.” It really stood out from the black fondant. The lightsabers on the middle tier were glowsticks that I activated right before the party. I stuck them in the styrofoam dummy cake and quickly made little handles to make them look like true lightsabers.


The AT-AT Walker took the most time to make. There were lots of little details that I tried to incorporate and keep it authentic looking.


I covered each cake in black fondant and splattered the fondant with white airbrush paint to represent “outer space.”


The ewok I made was a tiny thing but it fit right into the forest of Endor.


I wanted to show you the little TIE fighters I made for the cake. They were the perfect decor for outer space because I just stuck them into the side of the cake and it looked like they were flying around.

I hope you enjoyed the Star Wars cake and I will be posting pictures of the party and the details I incorporated in the party.



50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

May 9, 2017


This past weekend I made a cake for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  The focus was on the couple and the motto they have for their marriage, “Together Forever.” The cake was decorated with circles that represented a huge part of their marriage, their kids and grandkids. What an accomplishment, 50 years with your soulmate!


I made the cake topper a week before the party so that it had plenty of time to dry.  This was the first time I had made glasses for a fondant figurines, they were pretty cute. All I did was take my needle nose pliers and bend the floral wire into circles. Don’t forget, whenever you have non edible items on cakes to always tell your customer to remove before eating or don’t eat the figurine at all…it’s just for decoration. It’s crazy to say but some people would seriously eat the glasses. I had one customer when I first started making cakes eat a whole figurine in one bite! I said “There’s a toothpick in figurine! It’s the internal structure for the fondant and you just ate it!” I guess he was okay the next day because we didn’t hear anything from them…..I’m glad they were family friends. (It was actually half a toothpick, but still I couldn’t believe he just ate it)


The larger circles on the cake represented the couple’s kids and grandkids. Initially, I was going to paint the names on each circle but it just looked to harsh. I tried black writing, blue and white writing for the colored circles but it just didn’t look right.  And then I remembered these little letters in the clay section of Michael’s craft store near our house. I imprinted each name on the fondant circles with the clay text embossing set. It looked so much better than writing them and much more elegant.


Above is the rice cereal love seat that the couple was sitting on. I made a big batch of rice cereal treats, let them cool a bit and shaped them into a tiny couch. Later, I covered the rice cereal treats in brown fondant and used a Wilton tool to score the fondant to make it look worn. I also brushed brown petal dust on sections of the couch to give it a “leather look.”


Here’s to long marriages and many more years to come!!!


Baseball Theme Cake

April 14, 2017


It’s baseball season again and our family are now fans of the Seattle Mariners! I made this cake for a dinner party that revolved around baseball.  I only had to feed 6 people so I made an 8 inch square vanilla cake…with plenty to spare! I made a bag of peanuts because peanuts are a staple for watching a good old baseball game. The Mariners hat has the retro Trident logo from Spring Training and the baseball is decorated with lots of fondant seams. I never noticed that baseball bases have lined patterns on the top and are  not totally squared. The edges of the base are sloped so this made my icing job a little easier because the corners and the top didn’t have to be level. The base was dusted with cocoa powder to make it look like it was used and stepped on.


All of the baseball decor is edible and made from homemade Rice Krispies Treats, covered in fondant. The peanuts were made by rolling a ball and then using your finger to roll an indention in the fondant to resemble the shape of a peanut. I used one of my rubber mats to impress the texture on the peanut. I dusted each nut with cocoa powder to give them more dimension.  The grass was made from left over vanilla buttercream and the dirt was crushed graham crackers.


Here we are cheering on the Mariners!


Chalkboard Baby Shower Cake

February 28, 2017


This weekend I had the pleasure of making a baby shower cake for some of our awesome friends. The theme of the party was “A Baby is Brewing.” It was a party for everyone and it had plenty of great beers and lots of great food. My friend, the wonderful host, made the cutest beer bottle labels that matched the decorations perfectly. The invitation to the party was a chalkboard style so I decided to go with that theme. This was my first chalkboard cake and I had a good time putting it together.


The cake was a 7 inch round vanilla filled and iced in vanilla buttercream. I covered the cake in black fondant and painted it with white gel color. I watered down the thick food gel with vodka and hand painted the lettering. This was a pretty simple cake but made a good statement. One thing that I would have done differently was use smaller brushes. My white “chalk” lines were pretty thick. I really need to invest in some tiny brushes like the ones you see that have 3 bristles.


The cake topper was a paper garland that matched the party decorations throughout the house. I wanted to keep the other decoration on the cake simple because the topper and “chalk” writing were so busy. Little fondant balls are perfect decorations to fill space, give color or just make a cake look fun. I hope you like it!


Beach Theme Cake

January 25, 2017


This week I made a cute little 6 inch vanilla cake that was all about the beach. It was such a simple and clean cake with a few details that really made you look twice to see how it was put together.

The beach chair on top was started 5 days before cake was due. I cut all of the white slats of fondant and let them dry for four days, flipping them over each day. Here’s a link to the template that I used for the chair:


You have to be very patient when putting the chair together.  Have your royal icing in a bag with a small tip to pipe on little amounts to the joints that hold the chair together. It’s almost like a puzzle.


I don’t have any sea shell molds so I searched Pinterest on how to make fondant shells. I found these great tutorials at wickedgoodies.net and this is how to make the shells above without a mold:


For the starfish, I cut out a star with a fondant star cutter. I shaped the arms with my fingers, squeezing them at the end to make them thinner. I pressed a rubber mat on the star to give it texture. Last, I painted the star with pumpkin color petal dust to give it a little more dimension.


The edible sand was made in my food processor with graham crackers, Vanilla Waffers and light brown sugar.  It was delicious sand!