“I Love Dogs” Cake

February 9, 2011

I recently entered the 6th Annual Cake and Sugar Art Show in Glendale, AZ and won Best of Show! I made a four tier dummy cake that was covered in fondant. My theme was puppy love and I really enjoyed making all the different kinds of dogs on the cake. I was inspired by the work of another cake decorator that did a puppy cake.

The bottom tier was like a dog hangout. I made a bassett hound, scotty, schnauzer, lab, dalmation, dachshund, yorkie, boston terrier and a scared cat in the tree.  Each dog was made of gumpaste and was prepared about 5 days before the competition. The 2nd tier was a simple smooth tier that really contrasted with the 3rd tier, the furry tier! This tier was made with a clay extruder and the fondant was put on in sections. (This one took some time!) Next, I used a rubber stamp to put the paw impressions on the top purple tier. The  dogs that topped the cake were sitting in a fondant dog bed made just for them! I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I enjoyed making it! Thank you Westside Cake Club for hosting the competition.


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