How to Decorate a Camo (Camouflage)Cake

March 25, 2011

This was one of my first cakes that I did about 3 years ago for some friends. Their son was obsessed with army stuff so I decided to give him a camo cake with a tank on top. Here’s how I created it:

Camouflage Army Cake

I made a 10 inch chocolate cake that was filled with whipped cream and covered in vanilla buttercream. To give the cake the camo look I took 4 pastry bags, all fitted with the round tip #12.(I bought 4 round tips so I didn’t need to keep switching the tip…they are cheap too!)  I mixed four different “army” looking colors, like khaki, dark green, brown and forest green, and filled each pastry bag with a different color of vanilla buttercream. I then randomly started piping squiggly patches of buttercream on the cake, alternating each color. When the cake was covered with the multicolors of buttercream, I then took a VIVA paper towel and smoothed the frosting with the towel and the heat of my hand to blend them together. It is much easier than it looks and remember to use a crusting buttercream.  I hope this helps anyone who is making a Camo (camouflage)  cake for someone in the future!


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