Water Fountain Cake

April 4, 2011

Water Fountain Cake - gumpaste fountain

I was asked to make a cake for a HOA meeting that looked just like the fountain that everyone sees when they enter the neighborhood. I had never made anything like this before so I had to think for a while.
 I made a replica of the actual fountain with gumpaste and a wooden dowel.  I shaped the fountain “bowls”  by rolling out gumpaste, cutting it in the desired shapes and then molding it around a small cup, bowl and shot glass. When they were dry,  I stacked them together on  the dowel and let them totally dry on a styrofoam block.  I then made a vanilla cake and covered it in blue fondant. To give the cake the tile look, I scored the fondant with a pastry cutter and then painted the fondant different shades of blue and white. I also made terracotta bricks with colored fondant to line the fountain. (Not Shown in the Photo- I put “water” (corn syrup and blue) in the fountains bowls and the reservoir to give the fountain a genuine look.) 

Gumpaste Water Fountain

Water Fountain Cake - gumpaste fountain

Below is the photo of the REAL fountain. Enjoy!

Real Water Fountain


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