Final Easter Cake with Chick

April 23, 2011


2011 Easter Cake - Chick with Egg

Well, the cake is almost like the sketch! I decided not to put a nest on top of the cake mostly because I ran out of time. This was fun to make but a little labor intensive when it came to the blades of grass. The cake is a 6 inch vanilla confetti cake with vanilla meringue buttercream covered in fondant.  I covered the cake in white fondant then put the brightly colored eggs on the cake. I then cut individual blades of grass and places them in random directions. I added some daisies to give it a cute look!  The chick and broken easter egg were my toppers and they really made it feel like Spring! God Bless Everyone!!



  1. What an adorable cake. Sounds delicious too.

  2. This easter cake looks really great!
    Momentarily I’m collecting images of easter (cup)cakes for an overview on my site. I wanted to ask if I could use your’s, write a little post about it and link back to you? It would be placed on this page: http://www.taartencake.com/taarten-en-cupcakes/feestdagen/pasen/
    Have a great day!

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