CSU Graduation Cupcakes

April 29, 2011
CSU graduation cupcakes

My little brother is graduating from Colorado State University! I am so proud of him and I thought I would make some really cute and easy cupcakes for this occasion. CSU colors are green and yellow so I used those colors in the fondant  tassels and diplomas that top the cupcakes.

CSU Graduation Cupcakes

I baked chocolate cupcakes and topped them with a creamy vanilla swiss buttercream.  The graduation decorations are all made of fondant. I cut out the square tops of the caps yesterday and let them dry over night.  Today, I finished the caps by making the base of the cap. I rolled out a thick sausage shape and cut slices of the sausage to fit the square tops of the caps.  The tassels were made by rolling a tiny piece of fondant and then cutting the end to look like little strings.(I used an exacto knife) I connected the tassel and then put a black dot of fondant on the tassel to make it look like a button.  For the diplomas, I rolled white fondant out paper thin. I then cut the fondant into squares and rolled them up. I tied another tiny piece of fondant around it to make it look like a real diploma. Let me know if you have any questions.


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