How to Make Fondant Covered Toy Blocks Out of Rice Krispies Treats

May 27, 2011

Fondant Toy Blocks

I just wanted to share with you how I made toy blocks for a baby shower cake I created.  At first, I tried to make the blocks completely out of fondant. That didn’t work because that was a lot of fondant and I couldn’t get the edges to be crisp and straight.  So, I bought some individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats and cut them into blocks. Rice Krispies Treats are great to work with because you can shape them how ever you please. I like buying my treats because it saves time and they are nice and sticky.

After I shaped my blocks, I rolled out white fondant and covered the Rice Krispies Treats with the fondant. There is no need to ice the treat or use royal icing because the fondant sticks right to it. I rolled out the fondant a little thicker than normal so that the block would be smooth. I used two fondant smoothers to really get the blocks crisp and square. I then cut out thin strips of colored fondant to make the colored square outline on the block. I used the number and letter cutouts from Wilton to make the letter in the center of the block. I hope this helps anyone who is trying to make fondant toy blocks!!


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