Giant Ham Sandwich Cake with an Olive

June 10, 2011

Giant Ham Sandwich with Olive

Hello Everyone! I thought I would share one of my newest creations. I’m getting ready for a cake competition and I wanted to show you a small piece of my cake.  This is actually a cake dummy or a fake fake that is covered in fondant. All of the decorations on the sandwich are made of fondant.  I wanted to share this because this is an easy cake to make if you wanted to create the real thing.

This is what I would do:

First, bake 3 square cakes of your preference and let them cool. You then want to carve or shape 2 cakes for the “bread” with a sharpe serrated knife. I would round the edges and make that little dip on top like you see on a real piece of bread. I would then ice the cakes in buttercream and then cover them in tan rolled fondant. For the crust, I would cut long strips of brown fondant to put on the edges, like real bread crust.  Set those aside and now its time to prep the condiments.  To make lettuce I would make green fondant and roll it out paper then. I would then use a ball tool to soften the edges and make them look ruffly. The ham is almost the same. Roll it out paper thin and gather it together like ham would lay on a sandwich. The cheese is just yellow fondant rolled thin and then cut into large triangles. The tomatoes are thick red fondant circles that were cut in half and the mayo is royal icing or buttercream. You are basically creating an optical illusion. You want to layer everything on the outer edges of the cake to make it LOOK like a complete sandwich. It is a lot of layering and you will have to cut the third square cake smaller than the “bread” layers to fill the middle layer. You attach this to the bread using buttercream. You won’t be able to see this layer because it is covered by all of the condiments. So, just like creating a real ham sandwich you start with the bottom bread first, then layer the condiments on the outter edge and then put the middle smaller layer on and then top it with the last piece of bread. I hope this is easy to understand and if it is not just leave me a comment and I’ll try to help:)


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