How to Make Hamburger Cupcakes

March 14, 2012

I decided to make hamburger cupcakes for the Bible study that we attend weekly. I thought they would be prefect for the kids but the adults actually hoarded them first…including my husband!! These cupcakes are easy to make but a little labor intensive. I baked 24 vanilla and 24 chocolate cupcakes and let them cool completely. I then colored vanilla icing in three different batches: red(ketchup), yellow(mustard)  and green(lettuce) and put them in separate piping bags. I then cut the caps or tops off of all the chocolate cupcakes (the patty) and set them aside. Then I cut the vanilla cupcakes in half (the bun) and started my hamburger construction. I put the bottom of the vanilla cupcake down and piped green icing around the sides of the cupcake to give the illusion of lettuce. Then, I put the chocolate  top on next and then piped red and yellow icing on the edge of the patty.The top of the vanilla cupcakes went on top of the patty to make it look like a real hamburger! I hope this helps you if you are trying to make hamburger cupcakes!!



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