When Things Go Wrong On A Cake…

May 13, 2012

This was one of those cakes that really didn’t stand a chance! I made this cake for my cousin’s 3rd birthday and the theme was “Cat In The Hat.” I have always wanted to make the crooked hat that the cat always wears and create something that is really Dr. Seuss style. Well, I started off a little behind because I didn’t have any of my tools for cake decorating. I figured I could use some things around my parent’s house to put this thing together.

I made my fondant decorations 2 days before the party and decided to put a fan on the decor to speed up the process. The hat is made of Rice Krispies Treats and covered in fondant. I didn’t realize how heavy this piece was until I put it on the cake…I’ll tell you more about that later. Thing 1 and 2 were pretty simple and I actually painted the faces with black food dye. As you can see below, Thing 1 is way cuter than Thing 2! Thing 2 looks a little deranged. I made the fish in the glass bowl out of orange fondant. I filled the glass candle votive with corn syrup mixed with blue food dye for the water effect. I also made balls and curly things for extra decor on the cake. The last touch on all of the fondant decor was I mimicked the black lines in the story book with painted black food dye. This really gave it the Cat in the Hat effect!

As you can see in the photo above, the cake is tilted slightly to the right. As the night went on the top tier kept leaning to the right until it almost fell off the cake!! I had forgotten some MAJOR support rules when building a cake. The first mistake that I made was I didn’t cut all of the supporting straws under the 2nd tier the same length. I just eyeballed the length and they were slightly off. This is why it started out crooked. The second mistake I made was I forgot to put support straws under the HEAVY “Cat in the Hat” hat. It weighed down the right side of the cake so much that the cake buckled and that’s why it almost fell over. The funny thing is that everyone thought it was supposed to be like that because it was a Dr. Seuss cake. The last mistake I made was that I put the ugly side of the hat to the front of the cake. You should always make sure you check your work before placing it on the cake.



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