San Francisco Giants World Series Ring Cake for Father’s Day 2012

June 18, 2012

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the great dads out there…..I love you DAD!

My husband and I had the privilege of going to a few of the World Series games in 2010 when the San Francisco Giants won it all!!! It was so awesome and we were so blessed to be a part of it, we will remember it forever. I have been wanting to make this cake for my husband for a year and a half now. I thought this would be a perfect time and the perfect cake for my hubby and my son…..GO GIANTS!

The cake is a 9 inch square chocolate cake iced and filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in black fondant. I wanted it to represent the box that the ring would come in.

The Giants World Series fondant ring is made of cardboard and fondant. I cut a cardboard tube that was about the right size to fit on the 9 inch cake. I then covered the tube with grey fondant and began sculpting the details of the ring. I had the Giants logo on top and the Golden Gate Bridge on the left side, just like on the real ring. On the other side, I piped the World Series Trophy and painted it silver. I also added my last name to that side. I tried to mimic diamonds with white fondant and glitter and painted the details in gold and silver. I piped on the “world champions” and a few other details with white royal icing.

Her is my honey cutting his cake!

I don’t have an airbrush machine at home so I bought a can of DUFF’s edible silver spray from Michaels with my 50% off coupon. It worked great but you just have to remember to hold the can at least 5 to 6 inches away so it doesn’t run.


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