How To Make A Fondant Ribbon Rose

July 27, 2012

I decided to make fondant ribbon roses today. I took some photos and will try to explain how I made these little roses. Here we go:

First, I rolled out some ivory fondant into a long strip. (16 inches long by 3 inches wide) The piece is pretty thin but not thin where its really floppy.

Next, I cut a straight line through the strip….this all depends on how big or thick you want the rose. This one is a good size.

I then dabbed on a little water along the straight edge of one of the pieces of the fondant.

I folded the strip in half and used the water to glue it together.

I then started from the left side of the fondant strip and rolled it toward the right side. I bunched up the fondant with my fingers every time I rolled the piece, to give it the fluffy look.

It started to resemble a rose and to finish it, I squeezed off the excess fondant on the bottom of the rose and let it dry flat.

For a little extra embellishment, I opened up the middle of the rose with my boning tool and stuffed a little bling in the center. I just used a rhinestone that I bought at Hobby Lobby….This piece makes the rose non-edible but very cute.

Below are some of the finished products that will dry for a couple of days before I place them on a cake.

I hope this helps you if you are trying to make fondant ribbon roses. The process is pretty easy and you just have to remember to bunch up the fondant with your fingers every time you rotate the flower….if that makes any sense? If all else failes, look on you tube…I did.


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