Graduation Brain Cake

October 9, 2012

My husband graduated from Argosy University with his masters degree this weekend and I thought I would make him a really weird sculpted cake…and it was! I sculpted a giant human brain and put a graduation cap on top. The initial reaction to the cake was “Oh, so cool” but later when you really looked at it, it was kind of creepy and sort of gross. My husband loved it and thought is was so funny.

The cake was a 10-inch chocolate with Swiss buttercream icing. I stacked the layers and then proceeded to sculpt the brain with a really sharp serrated knife. I kept the scraps to make cake pops in the near future.  I colored the buttercream with flesh tone and pink food dye and iced the cake to look “fleshy.” I also colored white fondant with the same flesh tone and pink food dye for the squiggly brain element. I rolled this fondant into long ropes or cords and placed it on the cake in random patterns. I used a lot of fondant for this part of the cake. If you want to recreate this cake in buttercream you would use a large round tip with a bag of buttercream and pipe on the squiggly lines.

The base of the graduation cap is made of rice krispies treats covered in black fondant. The top of the cap is a square piece of cardboard covered in fondant. I used cardboard because I wanted it to be very smooth and stable and dry quickly.

Here’s my graduate! I hope you all enjoyed this cake and the helpful hints on how to make it. Have a great day and thanks for checking out my website!


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