Minnie Mouse Cake and Smash Cake

October 15, 2012

Today, I made the cutest minnie mouse cake and matching minnie smash cake for a friend. She found a photo on Pinterest of the perfect minnie mouse cake that she wanted for her soon to be one-year-old. The tiered cake was made up of a 10-inch chocolate topped with a classic white vanilla cake and both were filled and iced in vanilla buttercream. The top tier was covered in red Satin Ice Fondant and the 10-inch was covered in homemade white marshmallow fondant.

The ears and bows for both cakes were made 5 days earlier so they had enough time to dry. For the ears, I rolled out black Satin Ice fondant and cut out large circles. After they were dry, I attached skewers to the back of each circle with another piece of black fondant. I let these dry for a full 24 hours. TIP** *When working with black fondant, go easy on the powdered sugar because it stains the fondant white.

The minnie mouse smash cake was a 4-inch vanilla cake, iced and filled in vanilla buttercream. I also covered it in Satin Ice fondant.


Minnie Mouse Cupcake Topper made with cookies


https://byrdiegirl.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/minnie-mouse-cupcake-topper-tutorial/  or just do a search on my site for MINNIE MOUSE CUPCAKE TUTORIAL

Updated version of Minnie Mouse Cupcakes – better bow

The giant cupcake and classic cupcakes above are the first minnie mouse sweets I had ever made. They were so fun to make and so cute.


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