The Grinch Cake – Sleigh Filled with Presents

December 7, 2012

the grinch cake

This is my Grinch cake. I decided to make this cake for work because I love and look forward to the movie every holiday season. Jim Carrey plays the best Grinch and this movie is definitely in my family’s Christmas movie collection.

front of grich cake

The cake above is a two-tier with a giant sleigh for the topper. I made the tiers resemble the mountain that the Grinch lived upon in the movie. The story is based on the Grinch hating Christmas and wanting to make the happy people of Whoville miserable by taking away their Christmas. He sneaks into each Who’s home and steals all of the presents, decorations and even the Christmas trees. The sleigh above is a representation of the giant overflowing sack that the Grinch filled with all of these things.

side view of grinch

The cakes are covered in marshmallow fondant and doused in rainbow disco dust to give it the snowy look.  The sleigh, presents, trees, the Grinch and Max were all made a week before the cake was assembled. I always tell my co-workers that cake decorating is all about optical illusions. I made the sack full of presents look over flowing by pilling the decorations like they are coming out of the opening. I creased the red fondant to give the bag a “full” look by using a bone tool and creasing in random places…it gives it depth.
Fondant Whoville trees

The trees were super simple to make. I rolled a green piece of fondant into a cone shape and set it up like a tree. I then took a pair of scissors and snipped the fondant at a upward angle. This technique gave me tree branches and it only takes less than a minute to make each one. I also bent the trees to make them look like  Whoville trees. I hope this helps you out if you wan to make fondant trees!


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