Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cake Pops

December 16, 2012

reindeer cakepop

My little family got to go to a great Christmas party last night with some good friends and I decided to bring these guys! The reindeer cake pops were so cute when they were all finished and they weren’t that tough to make. I like making my cake pops sitting downward because they are easier to transport and they don’t have to have a styrofoam stand.

reindeer cake pop supplies for face

These are the ingredients I used to make the faces of the reindeers. First, I broke the pretzels in half for the antlers but I broke so many trying to get the perfect pair…snack for later. I found round jimmies in my stash and weeded out the white ones. I used my black edible pen to make the pupil of the reindeer eye and then used a small oval of red Satin Ice fondant for the noses.

I assembled the cake pops as normal but when they were freshly dipped, I immediately stuck the pretzel antlers in the side of the wet pop. I let these guys dry for a few minutes and prepared  melted chocolate in a small piping bag. I glued the eyeballs and noses on the pops with the chocolate and they were done!!

group of reindeer cakepops

The pops are easy and fast to make when you have everything prepared before hand. To do this, get all of your eyes, noses and antlers set out and ready to be placed on the reindeer. I hope this helps you if you want to make Rudolph Cake pops!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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