Tough Mudder Cake – Ganche Mud!

January 14, 2013

tough mudder cake

I had no idea what the “Tough Mudder Run” was until I was asked to make a cake that looked like the running course. When I did my research all I could say was…THIS IS CRAZY!!! The 12 mile race includes tires, hills, ice baths, green sludge, barbed wire and to end it all you go through electric shock wires! And the whole race is done in TONS of mud!!

It was a fun cake for me to make because I tried to make the cake “manly” and fun at the same time. The course includes fondant tires, Rice Krispies Treat hill and bales of hay and a pool of mud made out of chocolate ganache. The cake was a 1/2 sheet vanilla and  filled with vanilla buttercream and then iced in chocolate buttercream. I then made chocolate ganache and drenched the cake with it. I love the drips of “mud” on the sides of the cake! It smelled delicious! The banner was printed and put on skewers and the flags were colored paper on string. When I put the flags on the cake, it finished it off perfectly.

top view tough mudder cake


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