Fondant Cake Toppers That I Recently Made…

February 13, 2013

Fondant rainbow trout

I have been making some really fun and weird fondant figurines at work and I wanted to share with you all. This week, I made my first ever rainbow trout for a young boy’s birthday. He loves fishing so I decided to create for  him one of my Dad’s favorite fish…the rainbow trout, a fly fisherman’s dream.

rainbow trout cake topper

The body of the fish is made from Rice Krispies Treats and formed into the shape of a swimming trout. I covered the treats in light yellow fondant and gave him fins and gills. The next day, I airbrushed the fish with a mixture of green and yellow, flesh color and pink. To finish him off, I painted black dots of food color on his back.

fondant hammerhead shark

The hammerhead shark was made the same as the trout. I used Rice Krispies Treats for the body and covered it in gray fondant.

Fondant Starfish cake

The starfish toppers on this cake were also made of fondant. I rolled out a thick layer of tan fondant and cut out a star shape. I then used a rubber shelf liner to give the stars texture. To finish them off, I used edible dust to give it dimension.

two peas in a pod cakeI made this cake today and it was so cute. The design idea was my co-worker’s and I just needed to replicate her original cake. I made the “peas” out of Rice Krispies Treats and rolled them into balls. I covered in them in fondant and wrapped another piece of green fondant to make the “pod” that holds the peas.

I hope this entry helps anyone who has questions on how to make fondant cake toppers. Enjoy!


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