Buzz Lightyear Fondant Cake Topper

March 21, 2013

fondant buzz lightyearThis week at work I was assigned to make a fondant Buzz Lightyear cake topper. Creating famous and easily recognizable  characters are a little difficult to make but I was up for the challenge. This topper was created for a 10 inch cake with a Toy Story Buzz Lightyear theme. The legs and body of Buzz are made from Rice Krispies Treats and covered in fondant. I made the legs and body the first day and let them dry so that I wouldn’t disturb the fondant. Sometimes when you try to create everything in one day the fondant wrinkles from the weight of the arms, head, etc.  The next day I put on the arms, head and little details for his uniform.

buzz fondant

I rested his arms on little cups that were the perfect height for drying. I also had paper towels under his hands to keep them from drooping.

back view of fondant buzz

The back of Buzz’s head was flat because I need to sculpt his face but hopefully people won’t be looking at the back. Hope you enjoyed looking at Buzz!


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