Ed Sheeran Fondant Figurine…pretty funny!

April 3, 2013

Ed Sheeran fondant fugurine


This week at work I had to do a little research on a musician named Ed Sheeran. I feel like I’m getting old because I had no idea who this person was that I needed to sculpt for a customer. I looked at tons of photos and read a little about his guy and he is pretty popular. This customer requested that I try to get all of his recognizable traits on the figurine….his red hair, guitar with paw print, necklace and his arm filled with random tattoos.


This figurine took me three days to totally put together. On day one, I skewered his legs and shoes together and let them dry over night. I also made his guitar and let that dry as well. The next morning I attached the torso and let that dry until later that evening. Sometimes when you try to put too much on too soon it causes the fondant to wrinkle and droop. That evening, I attached the guitar to the torso with small toothpicks and fondant. I then shaped his arms and attached them to the guitar. I had lots of little bottles and containers holding the arms in the position I wanted them to dry in. I carefully created his head and attached his red hair one little tear drop shape at a time.


On the third day, I painted his tattoos on with edible dye and vodka and luster dust. I also painted on his little beard and lips. I hope you like my little Ed!


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