Best Pie Ever!!

April 20, 2013

mickey mouse pie

This is the first scratch pie I have ever made and I mean even the crust is from scratch!! My son had a school function this weekend and I volunteered to make 2 fresh fruit pies. I am on the baking committee but I never thought I would have to make pies….cakes, yes, pies, no.

mixed berry pie

This is a mixed berry pie with a crumble topping. I made three pies and kept one for our family. I would hardly wait for it to cool when it came out of the oven that I cut into it when it was still pretty warm. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

my baking teacher


So, I asked one of my good  friends to come over and teach me how to make a pie from scratch. She worked in a pie shop in Oregon for a short time and had tons of recipes and tricks to making a one of a kind pie. It was so cool to learn all about pies and all the different kinds you can make. We started out with simple mixed berry pies with flakey buttery crusts. We also cut out letters for the top of the pie and cut out a Mickey Mouse head to give it a cute look for the kids.

first pie ever


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