Cat in the Hat Cake with other Dr. Seuss Characters

April 20, 2013

cat in the hat cake

Today I decorated and delivered a cake that was for a one year old’s birthday and the theme of the party was Dr. Seuss. The decorations for the party were so cute and they had blue and red decor with Dr. Seuss books everywhere. It was so cool!

dr. seuss characters cake

This cake was a 10 inch confetti cake filled and iced in vanilla buttercream. This was a pretty tall cake, standing at 6 inch high. The grandma of the birthday boy wanted Cat in the Hat to be the focal point but also plug in some other Seuss characters as well. I made edible images of Horton, the Lorax, Sam I Am and the Sneetches. I cut the images out and placed them on fondant. This characters were set to dry for at least 4 days.

cat in the hat fondant figurine

The Cat in the Hat “hat” is made of rice krispies treats and covered in fondant. The hat stood at 8 inches tall and it was a heavy little sucker. I put stripes on the hat and painted  black icing gel  lines to give it the Dr. Seuss look. The hat figurine was quite heavy so I placed plastic dowels in the cake to give it support. No drooping this time!! Enjoy.

side view cat in the hat


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