My Son’s SKYLANDERS Cake – 6th Birthday

July 21, 2013

skylanders cake

It was my son’s 6th birthday a couple of days ago and just like every year he gets to pick any theme of cake design he wants. We sat together and sketched out a cake that was just for him. This year’s theme was Skylanders! He is obsessed with this video game and all of the characters that go with it.

The top tier of the cake is the “portal.” This is the game piece that all of the characters sit on when the game is being played. It was an 8 inch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and filling.  I made marshmallow fondant to cover it and I colored it gray to match the portal. The bottom tier was a 12 inch dummy cake covered in sky blue fondant. I knew we weren’t going to need that much cake and I wanted it to appear taller than it really was. I used a styrofoam base to give it that look. (I also didn’t want to make such a big cake because I am over 8 months pregnant and that’s a lot of work!!!)


For all the Skylanders decorations I used my son’s video game and his books for references. He let me know if things didn’t look right and what everything represented. Everything on this cake was edible and ready to be eaten…minus the toothpicks in the figurines and the dummy cake. The colored circles on the blue cake were the 8 “elements” of Skylands. I cut out my son’s name and air brushed each letter with blue to match the logo.

This is a fondant Tree Rex. He was the center cake topper that my son requested. He was larger than a normal figurine so I used wire for the interior structure and covered the wire in Rice Krispies Treats. More colored fondant covered the figure to match the real Skylander.  Tree Rex took me about 3 hours to complete. I also dusted him in cocoa colored dust and painted brown edible paint in the lines of the tree bark.


This fondant Skylander is Lightning Rod. He has a metallic shine on his skin so I used pearl dust to give him that same look. The islands that are on the side of the blue cake are actually Rice Krispies Treats covered in fondant and secured to the cake with toothpicks and royal icing.

IMG_2648This is a fondant Eruptor and behind him are fondant Chompies. My son said that Eruptor was a little too smiley. Overall, the kids and especially my son loved his cake and they devoured it…they literally took every little piece of fondant off of the cakes!


My big 6 year old and his Skylanders cake!!


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