Quick Tutorial on How to Make Gumpaste Umbrella

August 23, 2013

Here’s a quick lesson on how to make a gumpaste umbrella for a cake or cupcake topper:

You’ll need: white and red gumpaste or fondant, circle cutter, skewer, Wilton ball pans, exacto knife, and cake pop or sucker sticks.

cutting gumpaste umbrella

First, roll out a thin piece of white gum paste and cut out the size of circle that you want for the body of your umbrella.  Use a skewer to press guide lines into  the circle for the umbrella sections, don’t go too deep. Next, use the circle cutter to cut out small segments of each section of the umbrella body. (From point to point in each section)

drying umbrellas

Using your Wilton ball pans, turn them over and dust with powdered sugar. Place your umbrella bodies centered  on the pans to dry. Let these dry for at least 3 days! (I always like to make two or more cake toppers when you know that it takes days to make each one…always have a backup!)

adding red to umbrella

Next, roll out a thin piece of red gumpaste and use the same techniques with the circle cutter and skewer to make an identical umbrella body as the white one.

cutting red

Cut each red segment out( like a slice of pizza) and place over every other white segment on original umbrella body. Use the exacto knife to cut the excess red gumpaste at the edge of the body.


Let these umbrella bodies dry for another one to two days. When it’s time to move the umbrella bodies, wiggle slowly and gently to release from ball pan.

bottom of umbrella

Next, flip over the ball pans to make new drying spaces. Place the umbrella bodies upside down in the pans and roll out a small ball of gumpaste to secure the handle. Attach the ball in the middle of underside of the umbrella body with a dab of water.  Take the sucker stick and dab end with water and place the  stick upright  in the ball and let dry for 2 days.

IMG_2455After about a week or more of total drying time, your umbrella is ready to be placed on a beautiful cake! Below is an umbrella and beach chair I made for a cake at work. I hope this tutorial helps you!!!

fondant umbrella and chair


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