Mommy and Baby Halloween Costume – Cupcake and Baker Costume

November 12, 2013

cupcake and baker costume

This year my baby girl was my costume!! She’s 3 months old now and we got to spend Halloween attached to each other. Earlier in September, I was looking for mommy and baby costume ideas and I found the cutest one on Pinterest. The baby was a bag of popcorn and the mom was a popcorn vender…I think that was she was. Anyway, I wanted to do something similar and I came up with the idea of a cupcake and the baker.  I went to Walmart and  bought pink and white fleece material to start my Halloween project. I only know the basics when it comes to sewing so I had a BIG task at hand.

back of cupcake costume

I started with the pink “cupcake wrapper” and pleated the material and sewed it to a piece of thick elastic. I then used the white fleece material and sewed each “layer of frosting” individually and sewed them together. I sewed the “cupcake liner” and “frosting” together and found clips in the garage so I could attach it to my Baby Bjorn. I cut small pieces of fleece and ribbon for the sprinkles and attached them with a glue gun.
cupcake costume infant

The cupcake costume fit on the front of the Bjorn perfectly. I found a red headband that was the perfect cherry!


my little cupcake

cupcake costume attached to baby bejorn

Here’s a side view of the costume!

cupcake costume with cherry headband

I love my Baby Bjorn and I especially loved my mommy/baby costume!!

family costumesHere’s my family photo from this Halloween 2013 – Baker and cupcake, windblown man and shadow ninja. WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!

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