ELF Movie Christmas Cake With BUDDY the Elf Figurine

December 6, 2013

elf cake

Each year at work we get to make display Christmas cakes for the store. This year my theme was from one of the best Christmas movies in the world, “Elf.” There were so many classic parts in the movie that when I designed the cake I tried to tell a little bit of the story on each tier. The bottom tier was Santa’s workshop. I made presents, toys and had wrapping paper and bows filling space on the cake. I made two little elves from the movie and I had to put in an Etcha Sketch somewhere on the cake. This was our “Merry Christmas” sign. I loved making the Etch sketch because it reminded me of my childhood.

The second tier was the journey that Buddy took through the seven levels of candy cane forest and also the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops. The top tier was the New York City tier. The silhouettes of skyscrapers and of Santa on his sleigh was the end of Buddy’s journey to find his dad. Buddy is always so happy so I sculpted him with a giant smile on his face.

elf cake up

side view elf cake

Each figurine on this cake was made of fondant and the actual cakes and the etcha sketch was made of styrofoam. If this was a real cake, I would have made the etcha sketch out of rice krispies treats. More to eat!fondant etcha sketch

fondant buddy the elf

IMG_3655elf cake sketch


Here’s my sketch for the Elf cake….pretty close!!
leon snowman

This is Leon the snowman. He was in the movie very briefly but gave Buddy some advice on finding his dad. I thought I would throw him in there just to see if people recognized him.

IMG_3663Here’s me holding the cake. If this was a real cake and not Styrofoam, it would weigh like 80 pounds!! I hope you like my Elf cake, Merry Christmas!!

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