3-D Fondant Owl Tutorial

January 11, 2014

fondant owlThis week I’m going to a surprise baby shower and I volunteered to bring cupcakes. There wasn’t a theme to the party so I decided to do cute owls in pink and purple for the cupcake toppers. I don’t know why I picked owls, maybe it’s a BIRD thing. At the last minute, I wanted to make a fondant cake topper to go with the little owls on the cupcakes.  I have never made a 3-D owl before and here’s how I put it all together.

Fondant Owl Topper:


I almost always start with Rice Krispies Treats (RKT) when making larger figurines. I do this because I don’t want to use up all my fondant and you can actually enjoy eating something made of Rice Krispies Treats.  First, I shape RKT into 2 basic shapes of an owl, the body and head.


The second step is putting on the ombre feathers. I used a round piping tip for the small circles used as feathers. I would make a layer of purple circles, attach them to body and then put white fondant into the existing batch of purple to make it lighter than the last layer.


I did the ombre layering up until the neck area of the owl. I ended the feathers with white because the contrast with the purple is very eye-catching .


Next, for the back feathers and wings I used smooth brown fondant. I cut out a large circle of brown and attached it to the backside, covering the exposed RKT areas. The wings are kind of like the shape of a leaf. To give these pieces a wing look I attached them to the body and pulled out the bottom edges, flipping them out a bit.


Next in creating the head, I made two tear drop shapes of fondant and put them in the area where the ears would be.  They almost looked like little horns. I then covered the head in brown fondant and shaped fondant around the ears.


The last couple of steps are putting on the eyes, nose and feet. I used different sizes of round piping tips for the eye pieces. The beak and feet were shaped into tear drops.  I put indention lines on the feet to give it a webbed look.


The toppers and the big owl resemble each other but have their differences.  The eyes and ombre breast feathers are what set them apart bit they go together nicely. I hope this helps whomever is looking to make an owl!



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