Sculpted Python Cake – Creepy Cake!

February 23, 2014

sculpted python cake

This was my second weird cake that I have made that actually made people get creeped out. (The first was the giant brain cake that I made for my husband) The python cake was a vanilla cake frosted in vanilla buttercream and covered in marshmallow fondant. It was for a friend of my son’s 4th birthday and he loves reptiles! I told his mom that I was going to experiment with sculpting and try to make the snake look lifelike. The cake measured out to almost 3 feet long. I baked two 9 inch rounds, that were overfilled, and one half sheet cake. I wanted enough cake just in case I messed up and needed to patch stuff up.


The head and the last 5 inches of tail were made from rice cereal treats (homemade rice krispies treats). I think the proportion of the head was a little big compared to the body but all came together okay.


The python skin pattern was hand painted with yellow food color and vodka. This gave the snake a glossy look…creepy! I think next time I will also use a darker color with an airbrush machine or edible dust to give the fondant a little bit of contrast, especially in the face area.


Putting the fondant on the snake was the trickiest part. I had to place it on in sections because I really didn’t know what I was doing. I tried to make wrinkles or creases on the curves by using my pointed Wilton tool to blend the fondant at the seams.


I also gave the fondant a snake skin pattern with a plastic gutter filter from Home Depot. I saw this on another blog and I headed to the Depot to see what I could find. The filter came in a large long piece that had a plastic screen on the back. I took off the plastic netting on the back and trimmed the edges of the filter.  I washed up the small section filter and pressed it on the fondant as I applied it on the cake. The snake texture didn’t show up very well so next time I am making another snake cake I will roll out the fondant and press the texture piece onto the fondant before I apply it on the cake.

snake cake figure

Above is a figure of the different vanilla cakes that I used for the python. As you can see, I used one round cake for the coil the holds the head. Then, I cut the second round cake in half and used both halves for the curves in the middle of the snake. I cut up the half sheet cake in smaller pieces and placed them to look like the rest of the body. To give the snake a little contrast, I made dirt out of graham crackers and Oreo cookies…just the cookie part, not the creamy middle.


The photo above is how I cut out the center of each round cake to make it into a ring, used for the body.


Next is how I started the first part of the cake. This piece was made to encase the head and give it the illusion of being coiled up. I also trimmed the sharp edges of the cake to resemble a snake body.  The head was made of rice cereal treats and sculpted to look like the head of a burmese python.


So here is my naked python cake…I’m sorry I didn’t take photos of the fondant process but I was on a roll and forgot. I gave the fondant creases or lines before I painted it and this gave it a more “real” look.



I hope this blog entry helps anyone who is going to create a snake cake. Good luck!!!



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