Modeling Chocolate Hunting Dogs on Tree Trunk Grooms Cake

February 26, 2014

tree trunk grooms cake

I made this crazy grooms cake for some friends that recently got married. The groom is an avid hunter and LOVES his dogs. I decided to make an “outdoor” theme cake and the perfect thing to represent that was a tree truck. I sculpted his dogs out of rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate and I made little dead ducks and bullets to go along with the “hunting/outdoor” theme.  The cake was a 10 inch round red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream as filling and frosted in vanilla buttercream. I made brown marshmallow fondant to cover the cake.

IMG_4444To make the exposed roots of the tree trunk, I used rice cereal treats and attached them to the side of the cake. I put these on before I covered the cake in fondant so it all got covered in one big piece.


Each dog had distinct spots and cute ears that stood up a bit. This was the first time I have ever used modeling chocolate and I really liked it. I had time to really sculpt and not worry about wrinkles and cracks like I do with fondant.

IMG_4270These rice cereal treats are the bodies of the dogs that I covered in modeling chocolate.



To make the fondant mimic bark,  I used my Wilton tool to make ridges and lines like on a tree. I love these kinds of cakes because you can cover any flaws with lines and other marks to look like it was done on purpose.




I made lots of little mushrooms out of modeling chocolate too. The shotgun bullets are made from red fondant and painted with gold luster dust.



I really enjoyed making this cake and I also liked getting to eat is as well.  The couple actually considered not cutting the cake because they didn’t want to ruin it…my husband changed their mind and we all enjoyed the cake!


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