How To Make a Fondant Mushroom

March 8, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I made a cake that was decorated with fondant mushrooms. The cake had an “outdoor/hunting” theme so I wanted to make real looking wild mushrooms to put around the base of the cake. Mushrooms are very easy to make and I thought I would share with you on how I make them.


I started with a ball of fondant and rolled in between my hand to make it long like a little sausage. I placed the fondant on my board, standing upright, and used the table to form the base of the mushroom. I roll the sausage between my hands until I get a nice little point at the top of the upright sausage.


I rolled out a small ball for the cap or top of the mushroom.


In the palm of my hand, I use my Wilton ball tool to make an indention in my fondant ball. I roll the tool in the fondant to make like a bowl shape. I like to make my cap a little pointy on the top.


I put water on the top of the base of the mushroom and place the bowl shape piece upside down on the pointy piece.


I always make several shapes and sizes of mushrooms so they don’t have a uniform and repetitive look.


I dusted each mushroom with cocoa powder to give it a dirt look, like you would find in the forest.

IMG_4397I dusted the top of each cap and the bottom of the base of the mushrooms.



tree trunk grooms cake

The end results are cute little wild mushrooms that add detail and life to my “outdoor/hunting” themed cake. I hope I explained myself okay and I hope this helps you!


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