St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast with the Kiddos

March 19, 2014


Our family tradition on St. Patrick’s Day is to eat green pancakes and drink green milk to start our day. It was a wonderful day and my little ones didn’t forget to wear their green!


My little leprechaun! My son wore this hat when he was a baby, 6 years ago. I don’t know how this hat survived all of our moves throughout the years.


We had to get up extra early to have “made from scratch” pancakes before school. They were super easy to make and I found the recipe on Pinterest. (We just added three drops of green food coloring) Here’s the website:




Here’s a photo of my dad the leprechaun. I made this cake for my parents in 2010. My dad showed up at the door with his green hat and bow tie saying “I’m a leprechaun” in his best Irish accent. I miss him so much.


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