Princess Sprinkle Cake

April 30, 2014

princess sprinkle cake

I made this cake for a friend that wanted to surprise his wife, my other friend, with a princess/girly themed cake. The birthday girl is definitely a princess! The husband said he wanted this particular cake because his wife said it was such a HAPPY cake! And it was. I think sprinkles just make you want to smile, just like a kid. I added a fondant band and bow to give the cake a little more depth.


This was my first rainbow colored cake that required me to color each layer of the cake. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out pretty good.  I made my normal batter and separated it into 5 different bowls. I colors each with food gel and baked them in batches. I only have three 7 inch pans so I had to wait for the others to cool before I cleaned the pans for the next batch. The cake was a 7 inch round vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I did have to dowel the cake because it was so tall and wobbly from all the layers.


This was my first gum paste tiara and pillow.  The quilted pillow was made of rice krispies treats and covered in fondant. The pillow would have been a little more fluffy but I ran out of RKT and had to use just two. I used a quilting tool to make the lines in the pillow.


When the cake was done, I had sprinkles/nonpareils ALL over my kitchen. I will be finding those things for weeks!! Covering the cake with sprinkles was a little time consuming. I waited a little too long to start putting the sprinkles on so my icing started to crust and some of the sprinkles were falling off. They stuck to most of the cake but I had to paint some bald spots with corn syrup so the sprinkles would stay in that area.


For the tiara, I used a baby formula can for the mold. It was the perfect size to drape the gum paste around. I covered the can in parchment and taped it to a level surface. I had no pattern so it took me a while to put on the gum paste. I rolled out the gum paste in sections and glued them together with gum glue (water and tylose powder). The tiaras dried for a few days before I painted them.


I made two just in case one broke.


Below are the painted tiaras. The one on the left, I hand painted with silver luster dust. The tiara on the right was sprayed with DUFF silver edible spray. I really need to get myself an airbrush machine!!!  I liked the tiara with the pink glitter stones because it gave the piece a little color.





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