Father’s Day CHICKEN WINGS Cake

June 16, 2014



This year for Father’s Day I decided to make my husband one of his favorite foods as a cake. We made chicken wings slathered in sauce with carrots and celery and a little cup of ranch dipping sauce. Oh yea, they were all made of something sugary! My son thought they were real wings and asked “Where’s the cake?” Even my husband had to get close up to see that these were not the real deal chicken wings.

The chicken wings are made of a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing and sculpted in the shape of a drumstick.  I covered the cake in brown fondant and made impressions in the fondant with my fingers.  I painted the wings with a little bit of brown food gel and then coated them in colored corn syrup.


The carrots and celery were made a couple of day prior and the ranch sauce bowl was also fondant but I sprayed this one with silver edible spray.


The ranch sauce is royal icing with bits of green fondant to give it the real look.


Everyone had to eat the wings with a fork and knife. We peeled back the fondant to get to the cake and it was yummy. It really plays with your mind when you have to cut into a real looking chicken wing and it looks  and tastes like cake.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to our children. I also had the best dad growing up and I miss him so much. Oh, and don’t forget my father-in-law, he’s wonderful too!  We love you DADS!


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