My Son’s BEYBLADES Cake – 7th Birthday

July 25, 2014


I can’t believe it, my son is 7 years old! We had the pleasure of celebrating his 7th birthday at his Grandma’s house in New Mexico with his family and new friends. He is currently obsessed with Beyblades-Showgun Steel. He loves collecting them and battling anyone that will take the risk in his arena. Last year his obsession was Skylanders and now it’s these high-tech tops.

Each year my son designs his very own cake from top to bottom…with mom’s suggestions, of course. He wanted a cake with two beys battling on top. Since we were traveling all the way to New Mexico, I decided to make the decorations of the cake a couple of weeks before to ensure proper drying. I packed up all the decor and prayed that they would make it to our destination. The stuff that I made beforehand included: 2 giant beyblades, buildings for the city, stars on wires, letter cutouts and the 24 beyblade cupcake toppers. I wasn’t quite sure how it would come together but in the end, it looked great and he loved it!


The cake was a 12 inch round covered in marshmallow fondant and decorated with pre made decor. Everything on the cake was edible, minus the wires for the stars. I made the fondant figurine, my son, two days before the cake was finished. The clouds above the city were piped royal icing and the board was also covered in fondant. There was a lot of gray color on the cake because my son wanted it to really resemble the cartoon. I made the “happy birthday” cutouts in yellow to give the piece more POP!


The fondant buildings are all different shapes and sizes.  This gave the cake a little dimension even though the cutouts were 2 dimensional. I layered them and glued the buildings on with royal icing.


The battle arena was also made of fondant.


Each cupcake had a handmade edible beyblade.


These are the bare bones of the giant beyblades on the cake. I cutout different sizes of rice krispies treats the layered them on a dowel.


The rice krispies treats were covered in fondant and sprayed with edible silver paint from Wilton. At this point, I used my fondant tools to make impressions on the fondant to mimic the real beyblades.

IMG_5657These are the finished products. My son really doesn’t like rice krispies treats so some of his friends and his cousin got to munch on the giant beyblades.


My son and I made giant paper beyblades to hang outside for the party.


Here he is, preparing to battle everyone at the party. The party was a success and I thank God everyday for such a wonderful little 7 year old!



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