5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed – 1st Birthday Cake

August 2, 2014


Today was my daughter’s 1st birthday! We celebrated the day with singing, Chuck E. Cheese (for brother), bubbles and a cake that looked just like her favorite nursery rhyme. She absolutely LOVES the youtube video of 5 little monkeys. There are so many videos to choose from but there is one particular video that she watches over and over. She even cries when it ends…that’s why we keep playing it over and over.


I hadn’t made a bed cake yet so I thought this would be my chance. The cake was a carved 8 inch vanilla square with vanilla buttercream. It was covered in Satin Ice fondant and all the other decor was fondant as well.


For the wood floor, I covered the board in marshmallow fondant and scored it with a tool. This gave it the lines of woodgrain. I then separately mixed brown, ivory and black food gel with vodka and painted the fondant.  It took a little while to dry and was tacky but I was able to decorate most of the cake before it dried.


I made the 5 monkeys and the headboard one week prior to the assembly.  The decor sat out to dry and every time my daughter would see them she would get very excited and try to say monkey.


For the bedspread, I cut out a rectangular piece of fondant and used my quilting roller tool to give it the quilted look. The patched sections are just random rectangles with piped buttercream stitches.


Portlin couldn’t wait to touch and play with all the monkeys. She ripped almost all of their arms and legs of trying to play.

IMG_5877She ate some of her cake but really just wanted to play with it. I am so thankful for this day and I hope you enjoyed my baby’s cake!  Oh, here’s the link to her favorite youtube video:



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