Gravedigger Monster Truck Cake

August 9, 2014


This weekend I made my first monster truck cake. It was a manly cake for a 3 year old boy and it was all about the famous monster truck, GRAVEDIGGER. The cake had a giant truck with huge tires smashing cars like pancakes.


The cake was a vanilla half sheet filled and iced in vanilla buttercream. The Gravedigger truck was made of rice krispies treats and covered in fondant. I made the truck body and tires four days before the cake was assembled. The monster truck was pretty heavy and I didn’t plan on it being that big but it worked out in the end.  The truck body measured out to be 9 inches long, 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The tires were 3 inches tall and all together the truck was 7 inches in height. I learned a lot from this cake. My structure for Gravedigger wasn’t totally thought out and I stressed until it was totally put together. Next time I will use PVC pipes for the internal structure.


The truck was doweled and had lots of straw supports under the base of the truck and the tires.


I made the “happy birthday” banner to resemble the gravedigger logo….dripping blood. YIKES! I wanted to incorporate the birthday boy’s name somewhere in the cake and I decided to put it in the Monster Jam logo. It’s the silver triangle in the center of the cake.


Gravedigger also has a skull and cross bones flag that flies behind the truck. I put the number 3 instead of the skull on the flag to have his special birthday number on the cake.



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