Frozen Cake With Simple Decor

August 27, 2014


This year’s most popular Disney cake has to be from the movie Frozen. Last week at work, I helped create a Frozen cake for a 5th birthday.  This cake looks harder to make than it is and I just wanted to share some tips on how the cake was decorated.

The cake was iced in a sky blue color and I added the draping snow on top with fondant. For this effect, I rolled out a piece of white fondant that covered the top and half way down the cake. I smoothed the top half of fondant on the cake and used an exacto knife to cut the curvy line.  I normally don’t use plastic figurines on cake but the customer brought in their own decor…mostly because it’s more affordable than hand sculpted figurines.

The snowflakes were cut out 5 days before the cake was decorated. This gave them plenty of time to dry. Below are the snowflake plunger cutters that were used for some of the snowflakes. If you don’t have plunger cutters you must try them, they are time savers! The plunger cutters come in flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc. You can find them on Amazon or most specialty cake stores.

DEC-CUT21The snowflakes and figurines were attached with royal icing. I also used white buttercream for the snow at the base of the cake. This “snow” also helps cover imperfections. I hope this helps anyone who needs quick tips for Frozen cake decor. Enjoy!



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