Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails Baby Shower Cake – Chevron

September 28, 2014


This weekend I made a baby shower cake with the theme “Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.” The colors for the cake were muted apple green, muted sky blue and gray and the main graphic design was chevron.  I had never done chevron before so I was up for the challenge! I learned a lot of new stuff with this cake, good and bad.


For the chevron, I used the WAX PAPER TRANSFER METHOD by Jessicakes. She is a wonderful teacher and I thank her for all the great information she shares on her website. (She also has a couple of awesome Craftsy classes)


The most time consuming part of the chevron was cutting it all out. I used my extra long razor blade (you can find them in the clay section at craft stores) and a cardboard template to get all the zig zags. This was a 12 inch cake and it was almost 6 inches in height. I had to make a lot of chevron.


The animal figurines for the cake were made 5 days in advance. The dog was extra tall because he was to stand out above the rest. I actually made his body  out of rice krispies treats. You’ll have to check out my next post, it will have a tutorial on how to make the frogs.


The name plaque was also made early and put on the cake dry, this is where I got into trouble on the cake.  When I arrived at the venue and the box was opened, the fondant on the front had been pulled away from the cake and the plaque has hanging. I racked my brain after I repaired the cake and tried to figure out what went wrong.  The plaque was too heavy!! I think I used too much royal icing on the back of the plaque as well.  I learned a lot , especially when a decoration is too heavy for the cake.

IMG_6182I hope you enjoyed the the post!



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