TUTORIAL – How to Make a Fondant Frog

September 28, 2014


Earlier this week, I made a baby shower cake that had three fondant frogs on it.  I thought I would share with you how easy this little froggy is to make. Enjoy!


First, you start with a pear-shaped piece of green fondant. I always use a toothpick or skewer for support. (you can always use uncooked spaghetti too)


Next, I roll out two equal balls of fondant for the legs.


I roll out the fondant between my hands  to make a skinny hose-like piece, but not rolling one end. This end is like a tear drop at the end of a hose.


Next, I flatten the tear drop and use an exacto knife to cut the fingers. I cut little triangles.


I made an indention where the leg connects to the foot so it can bend. The hose shape is bent like a knee.


I attach each leg to the side of the body with a bit of water.


Next are the arms. Just like the leg steps, but make the hose shape skinnier.


Same with the fingers, flatten and cut out little triangles.


Attach the arms to the top part of the body so that the arms are slightly bent or curved.


For the head, roll out a ball that is the proportionate to the body. Use your index finger to roll an indention for the eye area.


Now you can see where the eye sockets and nose are going to be.

IMG_6155Next, pinch the nose area with your index finger and thumb.


This will be the nose and mouth area.


With a ball tool, make two eye sockets.  Push upward on the eye socket to make eye brows.


For the mouth, use an exacto knife or straight edge to create a smile.


Attach frog head on the body and don’t forget to make nostril holes for the nose. I like to slightly tilt the head to give the figurine a “cute” look.


Roll out white fondant and cut out a small circle for the white of the eye. Then cut a smaller piece of black for the pupil and two tiny pieces of white for the pupil area as well.  Place the white in the eye socket area and then the black on top of that. I also made a belly button with a toothpick and little lines in the body and arms to portray “tummy rolls.”


These frogs are the finished product. I hope this tutorial helps anyone who is looking to make a cute and simple frog!



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