Dictionary Clutch Purse Cake – Purse that looks like a book!

October 8, 2014


Before this week, I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Wordsmith Dictionary clutch by Kate Spade. I made a cake for a friend that wanted a replica of this clutch that looked like a book. I had to do research because I had no idea what she was talking about.  She wanted the purse to be a little bit open so that you could tell that it was a purse. The birthday girl was going to New York City for her special day so they wanted an airline ticket to be hanging out of the purse. Below is the actual purse and the reference that I had to go by.

tumblr_ma7acwItnp1rf4t4go1_500Kate Spade makes lots of other “off the wall” purses that I also got to check out…like the purse that looks like a Chinese take out box.

IMG_6217The actual purse is lined with a black and white striped fabric that I wanted to mimic for the cake. When I sculpted the cake, I used an 11×15 inch cake and cut it in half. I stacked the rectangles and used a serrated knife to sculpt the slight slant of an open book. I also carved out a 1 inch section of the front of the cake to mimic the open purse.


I iced the cake and started with the lining. I used black and white fondant and cut strips to put on the 1 inch opening of the purse. I then rolled and cut white strips of fondant for the “pages” of the book. Then I cut a large piece of brown fondant for the cover of the book. I let this fondant hang over the edge so it looked like the hard book cover.


The white page area of the cake was painted with gold luster dust mixed with vodka. The lettering on the front and spine of the book was hand painted with gold luster, also mixed with vodka.  All of the contents of the purse were made of fondant and the airline ticket was an edible image that I created on photoshop.  Thanks for checking out the Dictionary Purse Cake!!


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