HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2014 – Spooky Wrought Iron Fence on Cake

November 2, 2014


I just wanted to share with you a cake that I decorated for work this week. It was a halloween birthday and the customer wanted a spooky wrought iron fence to cover the cake. The customer provided a skeleton topper for the cake that was put on right before pick up.  Anyway, to make the fence I cut out lots of skinny strips of black fondant and attached to the cake vertically. I put a horizontal piece of fondant on the top of the fence posts to make it look like a real fence. I used black royal icing to make scroll work in between the posts and on the gate to make them look a little more ornate.


I used pewter luster dust to give the fence a metal look. It wasn’t brushed on to cover the entire fence but put on in splotchy sections.



It’s my favorite time of year again, Fall and Halloween!!! This year, CHICKEN was our theme!! I was a bucket of fried chicken, my husband was Colonel Sanders, my daughter was a little chicken and my son was Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy (not with with chicken theme).  We love to dress up, visit all our neighbors and get TONS of candy.


My little chicken had a wonderful time trick or treating. I made her costume and it really wasn’t that hard. I found an awesome tutorial from Martha Stewart and here’s the link:




I just wanted to share our jack-o-lanterns with you too. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!…CAN YOU TELL?



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