Fondant Nike Free Cupcake Toppers for My Hubby

November 4, 2014


Today is my husband’s birthday and since he knows I’m a cake artist, there are some expectations for a really cool cake. But the last couple of years it seems like our family has been pretty busy during this time and his cakes haven’t been as cool as the kids. For example, I decided to get delicious cupcakes from my work instead of baking them myself. But he did get three handmade fondant decorations for the cupcakes, but that’s about all. Poor guy, maybe next year.


My hubby loves Nike Free running shoes and I thought running shoe toppers would be perfect. Above are his real Nike Free and the tiny little guys I made in front.


I started the shoes with two individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats.  I shaped them like shoes and then covered them in different strips of fondant. 

I started with the inside of the shoe and the tongue. The other fondant was put on in panels and the shoe laces were the last thing to go on.


My husband likes plain jane cupcakes with no fillings, sprinkles or any other crazy topping. I decided to get him a vanilla cupcake with Italian buttercream, pumpkin spice and a snicker doodle with cream cheese icing.  He’s 35 today so I had to put that somewhere in the decor!!

IMG_6524Wow, he’s going to devour the glass plate!!! Just kidding, just the shoe. Hope you like the running shoes.


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