Jack Skellington Fondant Figurine

November 25, 2014


I must say that this guys is cute but a little scary at the same time. This is Jack Skellington from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.  He’s an easy character to make because he doesn’t have a whole lot of detail and the lines on his suit are a little rugged.  My challenge for this figurine was to make his legs and arms skinny and strong without them breaking in the future.  I normally don’t use wire in my fondant figurines but sometimes it is a must!


I used a very thick wire for Jack’s arms and legs. I bent each wire to the right angles with my needle nose pliers and covered them in fondant. This is a time when I wished I had modeling chocolate. I had to work really fast and I was left with seams from where I cut the fondant.  I let the body dry for two days before I attached the head.

The gravestone that Jack is sitting on is made of Rice Krispies Treats covered in fondant.  I used a pointy tool to press in the “RIP” and then I used charcoal luster dust to fill in the letters. Jack’s suit was painted with white Americolor gel with a thin line paintbrush.

IMG_6605I hollowed out Jack’s eye sockets with a bone tool and I used the pointy tool for his nostrils and smile. After the head had a little time to dry, I painted the eye sockets, nostrils and smile with black Americolor food gel.

IMG_6606This is my finished product!


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