Putting a Hat on Fondant Figurine

February 2, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I made a fondant figurine of a man without a face. He needed to be wearing a pink suit and red accessories to go with it. I kind of liked the little guy and he was super easy because he didn’t have a face! I wanted to share with you in the blog how to put a fondant hat on a figurine without it looking weird.


First, I created the legs and let them dry over night. The next day I made the upper body with arms and completed the pink suit. On the third day, I shaped the head and then cut off the top of his head, starting at the forehead. This gives the head a flat surface to put the fondant hat on. Making figurines and fondant decor is sometimes all about optical illusions. Below are the tools that I used to do this. These are called POLYMER CLAY BLADES.  You can find them in any Michaels or craft store in the clay isle.

The clay blade gives you a clean cut without smashing the shape of the fondant. Below is how NOT to put a hat on a figurine! As you can see, the hat is resting on the top of the head, making the dog look weird.


Below is a top view of my “man without a face.” I hope this entry helps anyone who is making a figurine with a hat.



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