Fondant My Little Pony – Rarity

February 28, 2015


Last week I made a fondant “My Little Pony” by the name of Rarity. I had a hard time making the pony at first but then she came together nicely. The figurine’s legs were getting wrinkled because I wasn’t patient and didn’t let the legs dry first.

I started with the legs and put toothpicks in each one. The body was next and I shaped that and let it dry for a hour or so. I then attached the legs and put a paper towel under the belly to give the legs support. A couple of hours later, I shaped the head and attached it to the body. I didn’t put on the tail or mane right away so that the head hardened a little before I put more weight on the figurine.


I wanted to show you the eyes of Rarity. Her eyes are just layers of colors and the best part of the eyes are the two white spots in each eye. These spots make her eyes look dreamy and without them, the eye is kind of scary and dark.


This is a pony I made a while back and I actually painted the eyelashes and her body is a little chubby. She just needs one more little white speck in her eyes to make them dreamy. I hope you enjoyed the pony information!



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