Chevron Baby Shower Cake With Fondant Converse Shoes

March 8, 2015


I recently made a cake for a friend for a baby shower with the theme “Bow Ties and Converse Shoes.” The colors were blue and gray and a majority of the cake was made up of a chevron pattern. This pattern is definitely not my favorite to do because it is pretty time consuming. There’s a lot of cutting but in the end it looks pretty good.


These are the first CONVERSE high tops I have made for a cake and they were pretty fun to create. My family loves converse shoes and each one of us has a pair of our own, mine look like the ones on the cake!


The bows and shoes were made 4 days before the cake came together. Those were the only decor items I could make early because everything else was put on the cake wet.


The shoes looked so real that I could fool my father-in-law and tell him those were my daughters new shoes. I think it was the little details that I normally wouldn’t do on a baby shoe that made them look so real. I made grommets for the laces and painted them silver and lined the sole of the shoe with black fondant, just like the real thing.

New Converse TemplateThis is the template I used for the shoes and it was perfect. I got it from DEBORAH HWANG CAKES  at this address, check it out:


I used the ankle length heel pattern to make the shoes have the high top look. I hope this pattern helps anyone who is looking for a good converse shoe template. Have a good week!



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