ASU Sparky Cake Topper

May 17, 2015


This last week I made a sculpted figurine that looked like the mascot for ASU. His name is Sparky and apparently he has a couple of different looks so I was asked to make the updated mascot that you see above. Sparky has gone through some changes in the years but he still looks like a Sun Devil.

I decided to work on my modeling chocolate skills, so Sparky is made out of just modeling chocolate. I first made a wire skeleton for the body and that took me FOREVER! When you’re not used to working with wire and pliers, it takes a while to get used to. I usually work with fondant so I think I overworked the chocolate a couple of times and needed to stop my work and let the chocolate rest/harden. I do like that you can get rid of seams/lines or take your time when sculpting because the chocolate takes a long time to dry completely.


Overall he turned out pretty good but next time I think I will do a 50/50 mix of fondant and modeling chocolate. The cake below is what Sparky was placed on. I also made all of the decorations for the cake that represented all of the NCAA sports that ASU has at their school. Thanks for looking’!!

asu cake


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