Doc McStuffins Giant Birthday Cupcake

August 2, 2015


This year my little darling turned 2 and she LOVES Doc McStuffins. She watches the show everyday and pretends to take care of our family, just like Doc. I decided to make a giant cupcake this year and decorate it with lots of things from the show.  We were in and out of town for summer so I had to make the decorations for this cake 3 weeks before her birthday. I made Doc’s head, Lambie, Stuffy and the band-aid with the #2 before we left. We actually flew back into town the night before her birthday so I had to have everything prepared beforehand so I could make a quick cake the next day.


Here she is…the big 2 year old!!


I started this cake with a chocolate liner that I made out of purple Wilton chocolate discs. (Here’s the link to the tutorial on how to make the liner:  http://ohsugarcakes.blogspot.com/2009/03/candy-liner-for-giant-cupcake.html)

I baked a half sheet cake (this was way too big) and cut out 5 inch round pieces to put in the liner. I also cut out three 6 inch round pieces out of the 1/2 sheet cake for the top of the cupcake. I used a serrated knife to sculpt the top like a dome. My family doesn’t like that much frosting so I didn’t fill the cake with any buttercream, I just stacked the cakes. Plastic bubble straws were placed in the bottom half of the cupcake to support the top of the cupcake.


I gave the top of the cupcake a thin layer of icing before I piped rosettes on to the cupcake top. This is my first ever rosette cake and I actually enjoyed doing it. Next time I need to use an icing that doesn’t crust so quickly.


Here she is about to blow out her candles. It took her a couple of tries but she did it. She is such a wonderful little girl and I also thank God for another wonderful child.



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