Three Birthdays in 2 Weeks….Yummy Stuff!!

August 2, 2015

Me and my family have been on a whirlwind summer of traveling. We went all the way from Georgia to New Mexico to Oregon in a span of 3 weeks. And in that time we had three birthdays to celebrate, my son’s, daughter’s and mine! In another post I will show you the cakes that I made for my kids in more detail. IMG_8429

My son’s birthday was the first out of the three and he designed his cake all by himself. He wanted an ocean themed cake with fish and sea creatures playing basketball….actually dunking basketballs!


My birthday was next and I had the pleasure of eating one of the most delicious waffles in the world. My husband took us to THE WAFFLE WINDOW in Portland, OR and it was AWESOME! I had the huckleberry dream waffle and ate every ounce of it.


And later I had the best peach shortcake with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top! If you’re ever in Salem, OR, visit E-Z Orchards for a one of these….fresh blackberry, mixed berry, strawberry or peach shortcake.

IMG_8589The last birthday was my daughter’s. She turned 2 yesterday and she got a Doc McStuffin’s cake. I thank God for every birthday that each of us get and I look forward to many more we get to celebrate together.



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