Under the Sea Basketball Cake…Confusing Much?

August 2, 2015


This summer my family and I got to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was the best aquarium I have ever been to! During this visit my son became a WHALE SHARK expert and would talk about nothing but Sharks and sea life. He even said that he can’t wait to have his own family and kids so he can bring them here too….he’s so sweet. When it came time to sketch out his birthday cake he decided to go with the sea life theme but throw something else in there too….basketball. Oh, did I mention that he LOVES basketball? So, we came up with a cake that had sea creatures dunking basketballs and a giant whale shark as the referee. (Even with a whistle)


Here’s my son and daughter at the Georgia Aquarium, the only aquarium in the world that has whale sharks.


The photo above shows a clown fish and a jellyfish dunking basketballs in the underwater basketball goals. I actually made this cake a my mom’s house with limited cake tools but I managed quite well. I created the sea life, coral, grass, etc. at home before we left for vacation. I packaged them up nicely and brought them on our journey to be used later. My son chose to have a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and vanilla ice cream…lots of vanilla! The sand at the base of the cake is crushed graham crackers mixed with a little white sugar.


I made the whale shark out of Rice Krispies Treats and covered it in fondant. The weird white stripes on the whale shark were white food gel painted on with a small paintbrush. The shark even has a referee jersey and a red whistle.

One of my favorite things about making cakes for my children is watching them look at all the decorations on the cake and decide what will be eaten first. Man, I can’t believe my baby is 8 years old!! Thank you Lord for a wonderful child.



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